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All members of NGAUA are required to register with the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) of Georgia. All league games NGAUA is contracted for are played under ASA rules (with some exceptions) and in ASA uniform. NGAUA umpires will also have the opportunity to umpire in ASA sponsored State, Regional and National Tournaments.


ASA Launches Mobile Site
For Smart phone users ASA has launched a mobile website. The content is organized under seven main tabs: ASA Tournaments, ASA Certified Equipment, ASA Code, Headlines, Shop, Partners and Contact Us.The mobile website is intended to keep up with the increase in mobile surfing and meet the public’s growing preference for receiving information. The free content is targeted to users who are at the softball field and will target relevant material that users may need. In addition to the free information the site also includes the ASA "Official Rules App" for $4.95.

Congratulations to NGAUA's 2012 ASA Post Season Umpires

Women's Armed Forces Slow Pitch
Lee Gray
USA ASA Girl's 18U Gold Fast Pitch
Shane Head
USA ASA Girls 18A Fast Pitch
Warner Lombard Mike Moran
Shawn Schumacher  
USA ASA Girl's 16A Fast Pitch
Larry McMichen Michael Scott
ASA Girl's 14A Southrn Fast Pitch
Michael Osborne Chip Warren

Do you know your ASA Courtesy Runner and DP Flex Rules?
With ASA Qualifiers just around the corner, do you know your Courtesy Runner and DP/Flex rules cold?  How about lineup management in general?  If it rains could someone pickup your game using only your lineup card notes?  For a quick refresher course you might want to review the “Lineup management NFHS ASA" PowerPoint presentation from cactus umpire’s web site.  Slide 28 starts the Courtesy Runners, and slide 49 starts the Flex/DP portion. (Click here for a frame's version).

ASA 2013 Rules Changes are Available
The new ASA playing rules changes for 2013, with comments, are now available.  Among other changes, the 14u fast pitching distance has been moved to 43 feet.  For a full list of the 2013 changes click here.  Remember our local rules might overrule ASA championship rules.

Happy New Year!
Its Time for 2013 ... and another great season of softball at NGAUA. Our first meeting of the season will be Sunday, January 27 2pm at Lockheed Elementary.


2013 Georgia ASA Umpire State Meeting Date Set; New Location for 2013
Georgia ASA umpires: Save the date ... The Georgia ASA State clinic will be Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET.  We're moving to a new location this year... Greystone Power at 4040 Bankhead Highway in Douglasville, GA 30134. More details on the location and  the clinic in general will be posted here shortly. So check back soon.

2013 Georgia ASA Umpire Development School Accepting Registrations
Umpires: the 2013 ASA season will be here before you know it ... The off-season is the perfect time to improve and sharpen your skills so you will be ready to go from the very first pitch. REGISTER HERE for the 2013 Georgia ASA Umpire Development School to be held Saturday, February 16, 2013 at Central Park in Cumming, GA. This School is open to both fast pitch and slow pitch umpires any ANY skill level. So whether you're new to being in blue, a 10+ year seasoned veteran, or something in between ... this school has a lot to offer you. The registration fee is $30 (which includes a school shirt and lunch at at the school). If you have any questions, please contact Jim Hiett via E-MAIL or PHONE

2013 Umpire Letter From  Region 4/Georgia ASA UIC Jimmy Derrick:
Georgia ASA Umpires: Download the 2013 Umpire Welcome Letter from Region 4/Georgia ASA Umpire In Chief Jimmy Derrick. In the letter, Jimmy will update umpires on his new duties with the ASA National Staff, umpire achievements in 2012 and the change of venue for the 2013 umpire state clinic. All Georgia ASA umpires should download and read this letter.

ASA Rule and Code Changes
The ASA National Office has published its 2009 ASA Rule Changes. Changes to rules regarding charged conferences, dented bats and run limits are a few of the rules being changed in 2009. In addition, ASA has made modifications to the ASA Code

Umpire Code of Ethics
ASA umpires are professional umpires. We get paid to umpire amateur athletes. As individual professionals, we have a responsibility to the players, fans, other umpires, our associations, ASA and ourselves to meet a high standard of professionalism both on and off the field. All Georgia ASA Umpires are expected to know and follow the Georgia ASA Umpire Code of Ethics. Georgia ASA takes this very seriously. Umpires not following this document may be brought in front of the Georgia ASA disciplinary committee and are subject to disciplinary action. Any questions regarding this code, please contact Jimmy Derrick.

ASA Document of Rule Differences Between Fast Pitch and Slow Pitch
EP, DP or Flex? What's the run limit? When do you call time? If you're jumping back and forth between fast pitch and slow pitch, then the ASA's document of rule difference between ASA fast pitch and slow pitch is for you. This document should be be in the equipment bag of every NGAUA umpire who spends time behind plate both wearing and not wearing a mask.

ASA Document of Rule Differences Between ASA/NFHS/NCAA
Are you a NGAUA Umpire who also umpires Georgia High School Softball in the fall? Or do you umpire some NCAA games in the spring? Umpire all three? With three rulebooks to memorize, it would help to have a chart explaining the differences between the three types of ball. ASA has answered that need and has published a document of rules differences between ASA, Federation and NCAA. This document is a must for NGAUA umpires who also work high school and/or college ball.

ASA Bat Logo. Where's Your Bat List?
Before every game, make sure to print out a copy of the latest ASA Non-Approved Bat List. If a bat is on this list, NGAUA umpires should NOT allow the bat in ALL NGAUA LEAGUE GAMES AND ASA TOURNAMENT GAMES. It is important that every NGAUA umpire check bats for each and every game! This list is updated to the minute by ASA. So check back each week to ensure you have the most updated list.

Not sure what each bat looks like? Check out the Non-Approved Bat List with PHOTOS. Keep in mind, many bats look similar. Just because a bat looks like a bat on this list, doesn't mean it is a non-approved bat. There are also some non-approved bats that may look slightly different than what is pictured on this list. Always check the model number of the bats.

Remember the penalty -- By rule, if a player steps in batter's box with a non-approved bat, it is treated as an altered bat situation. The player is called out, the bat removed, and the player is DISQUALIFIED from playing the rest of the game. Bat checks are to prevent the above from happening. Please help teams understand you are trying to prevent the above situation from occurring. In other words, you are trying to prevent them from losing a player for the rest of the game! So, again, check bats before every game!


Tournaments will be added as they become available.

LINKS -- The Official ASA Web site -- Georgia ASA


ASA Catalog.ASA and NGAUA take great pride in presenting themselves with a professional uniform appearance. Please make sure your uniforms are complete, clean, pressed, and polished. To purchase official ASA umpire equipment and uniforms, please contact: 
(Local - The Official Supplier of Georgia ASA Umpire Uniforms) Barry Sullivan, 770-339-3370;;
(National) 1-800-654-8337

A list of the required ASA Uniform and examples is as follows:

Shirt New Pro Style Polo Shirt (Powder Blue) with ASA Letters Photo
Pants Navy Blue Pants Photo
Cap Fitted Cap with ASA Embroidered Letters and American Flag Photo
T-Shirt White Crewneck T-Shirt Photo
Belt Black Leather Belt with Silver Buckle Photo
Shoes Black Shoes Photo
Socks Black or navy Blue Socks Photo
Ball Bag Navy Blue Ball Bag with ASA Letters Photo
Brush Small Brush on Plate AND Bases Photo
Indicator Handheld Indicator with Balls, Strikes, Outs (Innings Optional) Photo
Jacket Navy Blue Jacket (Pullover or Zip Front) with ASA Logo Photo
Turtleneck White ASA Mock Turtleneck Photo
Shorts Navy Blue Shorts with Belt Loops Photo
Socks White Anklet Socks (Only with Shorts) Photo
Socks White ASA Tube Socks (Only with Shorts) Photo