Jun 7

Fastpitch Equipment for Sale [TM]


See image for items for sale

Contact: Todd Morrissey cell# 770 656 6479


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  • Admin
    Jun 5

    Several pairs of pants for sale $20 each in good shape 40x32 heather gray & navy. Reebok plate shoes sizes 13 & 14 in very good shape. Miscellaneous items such as a good light mask (could use but probably would want new pads) light weight shin guards, and chest protector. If anyone is interested, please call Billy Gay at 678_386_8201
  • Tony Hogan
    Feb 27, 2018

    Scott McNinch has the following items for sale (pic at bottom): *SOLD* Pro Nine chest protector $15.00 *SOLD* Pro Nine shin guard $15.00 Dalco size 36 combo gray pants $10.00 Dalco size 38 combo grey pants $10.00 Fechheimer size 38 plate gray pants $10.00 *SOLD* Fechheimer size 38 field gray pants $10.00 Fechheimer size 40 plate navy pant$10.00 Contact Scott McNinch // 678-510-6248 //
  • Admin
    Jun 23, 2017

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