GHSA Fast Pitch

GHSA Fast Pitch

Fall 2019  - LATE Registrations Only

To officiate GHSA Fast Pitch games, Umpires are REQUIRED to:
  • Register with NGAUA for GHSA Fast Pitch
  • Complete a Varsity or Post Season Camp (or have prior year credit)
  • Complete the GHSA Fast Pitch Softball Rules Clinic
  • Pass the GHSA Fast Pitch Online Rules Exam


Uniform should be neat, clean, shirt tucked in, hat worn correctly and clean and/or polished shoes. If plate umpire, ball bag(s) worn on your side.

GHSA Officials Uniforms
Uniform Picture Reference Catalog

You can reference the Georgia Logo section for pictures and approximate pricing

See the Links page for suggested Uniform/Equipment Links

Our local source is Barry Sullivan who attends several clinic dates for onsite sales. We recommend local sources when possible. Why? sizes change from brand to brand and even batch to batch so physically trying something on has advantages.


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