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  • Time – this is a rather lengthy course. It will take at a MINIMUM 90 minutes to complete - the clinic has three 30 minute sections. There IS an option to stop and resume later so don’t panic if you need a break to complete this.

  • The site is BEST viewed on a computer. You can attempt to complete the clinic via a tablet or smartphone but it may be problematic - if you encounter issues complete this via a computer

  • Sound - there are multiple videos in the clinic with sound so you need speakers, etc to hear the videos

USA Softball Registration Number

  • We’ve preloaded this in your Arbiter Profile under Custom Fields.

  • Open and login to Arbiter (there is a link above to open Arbiter in a new window)

  • Go to your Profile

  • On the left under Account click on Custom Fields

  • Under the NGAUA section you will see USA Reg #

  • Make a note of your USA Reg # - this is required on the Affiliation tie-in

First Time Users

SAFESPORT Clinic - First Time users - Registration

  • Download the PDF (Safe Sport Presentation) on this page - it walks you though the registration process

  • Go to the SAFESPORT website (link/button above)

  • If you are asked to PAY for anything - ** STOP ** and contact us


    • You -MUST- have a valid email address - One that you can check to validate/complete the registration process

    • Name entries - not required but recommended it matches your drivers license information

    • Position question - select Official

    • USA Softball Registration number - if SAFESPORT reports a different user (not you)  **STOP** and contact us

    • The "Please check your email..." notice is crucial - if you don't get this message it has not created your Profile - review your entries. Make sure you select SAVE at the bottom of the page after adding the USA Softball otherwise you will never get the email notice.

Completing the Clinic

  • If you are asked to pay for anything ** STOP ** and contact us.

  • Once you sign back in it should be fairly evident (but not pictured in the PDF) what course to complete – should be "SafeSport Trained"

  • REMEMBER - you can pause/close at any time;  it will resume at that point when you sign back in

  • Once you've completed the entire clinic

    • Print/screenshot/save your certificate for yourself. We [NGAUA] do -NOT- want to collect certificates.

    • Update the SAFESPORT Completion Date in your Arbiter Profile

      • Open and login to Arbiter (there is a link above to open Arbiter in a new window)

      • Go to your Profile

      • On the left under Account click on Custom Fields

      • Update the SAFESPORT Completion Date with your date of completion (first time or refresher)

Adding an Affiliation - USA Softball

IF you have completed SAFESPORT TRAINED with another group/affiliation do the following:

  • Sign back into SAFESPORTS

  • Select Edit Account

  • Select Profile at the Upper right

  • Scroll down and select Add Membership

  • For USA SOFTBALL - see the section USA Softball to get your registration number

  • Find and select USA Softball from the list

  • Put in your registration number - If SAFESPORT reports a differ user (not you) **STOP** and contact us

  • Let us know you've added the affiliation (preferably via email)


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