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Training Materials

USA Softball Umpire Manual - now online ONLY

Link to the new USA Softball Umpire Manual - expanded version with more diagrams, etc

USA Softball Banned Bat List

A List of all Banned Bats with pictures.

Fastpitch Softball Umpire POV from Behind Plate

Nice POV (point of view) video of what it should look like from behind the plate.

Fastpitch USA Softball / NCAA / NFHS Rule Differences

Describes the rules differences at each level. 

NFHS Fastpitch Softball - DP/Flex Simpified

A nice one-page informational sheet on the DP/Flex

NFHS Fastpitch Softball DP/Flex Presentation [Powerpoint File]

NFHS Presentation walk through of the DP/FLEX

NFHS Fastpitch Softball DP/Flex Rule Basic Utilization Strategies for Coaches

Read this for an understanding of strategies coaches may employ - be prepared!

Cactus Umpires Lineup Management System

Great Powerpoint presentation covering lineup management, courtesy runners and DP/Flex

Slow Pitch vs. Fast Pitch Rules Differences

Read this for an understanding of the differences in Slow Pitch vs Fast Pitch

Basketball - 2 Man Mechanics

Covers the basics of 2 man mechanics for basketball
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